Kip Moore Returns From His Much Needed Break: “I’m Back and Now I’m Ready to Go”

Kip Moore Returns From His Much Needed Break: “I’m Back and Now I’m Ready to Go”

At the end of 2016, when Kip Moore announced that he was going to take a little break from his grueling tour schedule, many believed that he was going to be gone for a long time. But alas, the Georgia native has resurfaced after three months away and claims he’s “ready to go.”

That [break comment] got stretched a little bit,” Kip told reporters at a press gathering. “I just said that I was going to take a little break. I never meant that I was going to go away for a long long time. I had only had more than seven or eight days off for about six years—I mean, that was the maximum I had in between tours. So, when you’re doing 200 shows a year for six years straight, you know, a week just doesn’t quite cut it. And I love to go surf so I go a long ways away. So, three months off is a pretty long time for me. I didn’t know exactly know how long I was gonna take, but I pretty much finished the record before I left and so I was able to completely disconnect from it. And, I went to Maui [Hawaii] first, then went to Costa Rica, then went to Park City [Utah], and now I’m back and now I’m ready to go.”

Kip is off to a great start with his new single, “More Girls Like You,” which was written by Kip, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia. It is the first single from his upcoming third studio album. The tune, which is about meeting someone you find so amazing that you hope the kids you have together are just as amazing, is something that Kip can relate to at this point in his life.

“I want to always make records that depict where I’m at at that particular place in my life,” Kip said. “I want my audience to grow with me. This is where I’m at in my life now. I’m still a wild card, I’m still aloof and I might be a little ways away from that, but as I’ve traveled and I’ve been around and seen different cultures—I watch dads be enamored with their daughters—I look forward to that now. I’m a lot more open to that now. So that’s what the song is. I feel it 100 percent.”

You can catch Kip at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Fla., on March 3, followed by dates in Hawaii and Australia, before returning to Las Vegas for the ACM Party for a Cause on April 1.

Photo courtesy UMG Nashville