Jimmie Allen’s Song “Down Home” & the Music Video for it Honor his Late Father

Jimmie Allen’s Song “Down Home” & the Music Video for it Honor his Late Father

Jimmie Allen new single “Down Home” is an open letter to his father, who passed away in 2019.

Talking about the track, Jimmie shares, Down Home’ is probably one of the most special songs I’ve ever written. I wrote it about my father – kind of like, hopefully he’s in heaven and looking down on everything I’m doing and hope he’d be proud of me. I wrote it with my friends Tate Howell, Rian Ball and Cameron Bedell.”

Allen continues, “It’s a song that’s actually helped me a lot because in the midst of missing my father, I think about him seeing everything I’ve got going on and it’s like… even though he’s gone, he’s always with me. I hope this song finds its place in the world and this song helps people that have lost not only a father, or a parent, or a loved one just like the song has helped me.”

As you watch the music video for “Down Home” – you’ll notice it’s in black & white…that was done because Jimmie wants the viewer to focus on the message of the lyrics. But he also wanted to have the visual elements have a close ties to the relationship he had with his dad…so Jimmie childhood home, the baseball field his father taught him how to play on, and his father’s favorite restaurant, are among the personal landmarks featured in the piece.

Jimmie says, “Being able to shoot the video in the same place that I created so many memories with my father was super special. It felt like my father was with me every step of the way.”

Watch the music video for Jimmie Allen’s “Down Home” here…

Photo Courtesy of Jimmie Allen