Listen to Kip Moore’s New Single, “More Girls Like You”

Kip Moore may be taking an extended vacation, but that hasn’t prevented him from releasing a new single, “More Girls Like You.” After weeks of traveling to exotic locations and posting photos on his social media accounts, the Georgia native released the new song on iTunes on Feb. 10.

Written by Kip, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia, “More Girls Like You” is being touted as Kip’s summer anthem and is slated to be the first single from his upcoming project.

“So God made girls like you make guys like me / Wanna reach for the brightest star, set it on a ring / Put it on your hand, grab a piece of land / And raise a few / More girls like you,” Kip sings in the chorus.

“I’ve never been that guy looking for a relationship and solitude has never scared me,” Kip told Entertainment Weekly.  “I’ve never bought into the societal pressure of following the A, B and C steps of life, but I still look forward to the family chapter. This song is about meeting that someone you find so amazing inside and out, that you can only pray the kids you have together are just as amazing as she is. That’s the kind of woman I hope to end up with.”

We don’t know how long Kip’s “break” will last, but fans can look forward to seeing him perform at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Fla., on March 3 and at the ACM Party for a Cause in Las Vegas on April 1.

Listen to “More Girls Like You.”