See What Kip Moore Does After Finding a Giant Spider in His Room

It may not be a snake in the toilet bowl—as Brett Eldredge found when he woke up one morning while on vacation—but Kip Moore found an equally disturbing giant-sized spider in his room.

We can’t figure out what it is with country stars and creepy crawly things, but they make for good videos on Instagram. The “Running for You” singer posted two videos of his encounter with a tarantula, taking the opportunity to begin conversations with the giant arachnid.

“Hey there, Mr. Spider,” Kip says in the conversation with the spider. “Hey, look dude, you gotta stay out of my pillowcase. Last night I almost smashed you cause you freaked me out so damn bad in the middle of the night. You gotta steer clear of that”

Check out the videos to see what the spider has to say.

These things are everywhere..if we could just communicate maybe we could coexist wo fear

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Mr spider is back at it..sneaks up at all hours of the night

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